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A distinctive voice…yes. A versatile voice…definitely. A powerful
voice…most certainly. A memorable voice…always. A truly professional
voice artist that offers a wide variety of voice over services.

Commercials: As a dedicated commercial voice talent, she listens to your
direction. As a voice artist, she works to make your copy leap from the page.

Radio Imaging: Not just an Imaging voice for Rock…a Rocker voice for
Imaging. Lower and sultry to hip with an edgy attitude, she is the Radio Imaging
voice that your testosterone driven male remembers. Primary or secondary voicing.

TV Promos: Ever been excited by a television voice over? Ever wanted to tune
in tonight at 8 just because the voice talent compelled you? Maybe you need to
freshen up your station identification. Perhaps it's time to give your TV ratings a

Narration: A good voice artist reads the copy. A great Narrator acts the part.
Amy Delaney is a great Narrator. Period.

Web Voicing: A voice over for many images, a voice for many projects.
Whether it is e-lessons, flash presentations, CD ROMS, tutorials, training videos or
voicing for your business website, her voice keeps your client online….longer.

On Hold: Did you realize that while your customers are On Hold, you have an
opportunity to play a personal commercial for your product. Throw out the cheesy
music and let a professional record your greeting, on hold commercial, transfers and
messages. You will have their undivided attention.

See it works like this…Occasionally a voice talent strikes a chord and you
remember that voice. That voice is Amy Delaney Voice.
Radio Imaging - Commercial Voice Overs -TV Promos - Narration - Concert Promos - Movie Trailers - On Hold
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